Company background

STARIT Group is a provider of SaaS System and Meticulous Services for cross-border e-commerce businesses. Through BuckyDrop, the group provides e-business owners and companies with internet-based one-stop solutions featuring SaaS System + Meticulous Service in e-commerce website building, procurement, order fulfillment, quality inspection, warehousing management, international logistics, after-sales, and financial service.

Serving consumers with ingenious services for nine years, STARIT Group has established itself as an industry leader that consumers worldwide can trust and gained the upper hand in offering B2B2C services to global e-business owners. With its business model upgraded, STARIT Group moves toward building an ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce supply chain services, eyeing to provide system-wide support and one-stop services to help global e-business owners and enterprises scale business in a breeze.

buckydrop dropshipping company background
buckydrop dropshipping introduction

BuckyDrop introduction

BuckyDrop is dedicated to connecting the populations of global consumers to China's prosperous commodity sources, to explore and enrich new cross-border Internet e-commerce model.

To that end, BuckyDrop exclusively created an all-around operation model to provide users one-stop e-commerce services, including: set-up of a store, source management, order management, quality inspection, value-added services, warehousing, international logistics, and after-sale service.

BuckyDrop's exclusive elite team can help you tailor-set-up your store, provide store operation services, marketing and promotion solutions, warehousing management services, customized value-added services, customized global logistics services and pre-sale & after-sale customer service. One click relieves you from all operational troubles. BuckyDrop provides more than scientific data and analysis to support your business decision-making; we can save you from the effort and cost of team building and keeping, enabling you to run a worry-free cross-border business all-around.