Start your dropshipping e-business cost-free!

All users will get free access to the following basic dropshipping services from BuckyDrop by default! Starting a cost-free online store has never been easier!

Store Creation/Connection

Create a BuckyShop store or connect to third party stores (Shopify/WooCommerce), then sync orders with BuckyDrop for dropshipping fulfillment.

Product Search/Listing

Source products from major Chinese marketplaces (Taobao, Tmall, or Bucky Select with product search, edit and listing supported!

Order Auto-Fulfillment & Parcel Auto-Submission

The headache of checking dropshipping orders 24/7 is a thing of the past! Welcome to the new era of automatic order fulfillment and parcel shipment.

About Our Fees

You can purchase the paid services only when actual orders come in or you have more complicated business needs.

When an actual order comes in or you want to source products, the necessary expenses that may be incurred include:

Purchasing Service Fee

If BuckyDrop purchases for you

Inbound Service Fee

Outbound Service Fee

Packaging Materials Fee

Return & Exchange Service Fee

When Return & Exchange is requested

Storage Fee

If the storage period is over 30 days

BuckyDrop also offers more powerful value-added services that you can use in combination when needed.See details >

A dropshipping e-commerce newcomer? Get started with our Starter Plan now!

Starter Plan

New to BuckyDrop? Sign up to join our Starter Plan <span class="pricing-alpha-plan-desc-red">for free!</span> Create a permanently cost-free online store in a few minutes. Supported with search, edit, translation and listing features for products from major Chinese e-commerce marketplaces, your dropshipping e-business will get off to a good start!

From store management and order processing to quality inspection and warehousing, BuckyDrop has you covered! <span class="pricing-alpha-plan-desc-red">With 30-day free storage</span> and global shipment to 200+ countries/regions, growing your business with dropshipping is easier than ever before! <a href="/en/starter_plan" target="_blank">View Details ></a>

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*Note: When an actual order comes in or you want to source products, the necessary expenses that may be incurred include: Purchasing Service Fee (if BuckyDrop purchases for you), Inbound Service Fee, Outbound Service Fee, Packaging Materials Fee, Return & Exchange Service Fee (when Return & Exchange is requested), and Storage Fee (if the storage period is over 30 days)

More sophisticated e-business needs? Please learn more about our service plans for dropshippers! <a href="/en/price_detail" class="footerContainer-button">Learn More</a>

Frequently Asked Questions About Dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method with which the retailer needs not to keep actual goods in stock; instead, retailer delivers his customer orders and their shipment details to his suppliers, who then ship the goods directly to the end-customers - getting it all done on one single dropshipping platform.

What a dropshipping company can do to help my e-commerce career?

Different dropshipping companies offers different services. BuckyDrop provides one-stop solution to online store setup, product supply, order processing, quality control, warehousing, global shipment and after-sales.

Can I cancel my dropshipping Plan?

Once the dropshipping Plan is purchased, it is not refundable.

How long is the dropshipping Plan valid? How to buy the dropshipping Plan?

Once the dropshipping Plan is purchased, it will remain valid until the services in the dropshipping Plan are used. You can click "Buy again" to use the services.

I don't have a Shopify store, what should I do?

You can try our BuckyShop which can seamlessly connect with BuckyDrop's dropshipping platform. You will be able to create your own store within minutes with our store creation tool.Learn More

What is BuckyDrop’s dropshipping service location?

BuckyDrop serves e-business owners and entrepreneurs from all over world. Most of them are located in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Poland, United Arab Emirates and so on.

More Questions About Our Dropshipping Services?

Our Help Center is always here for you. If you still have questions, click here to email us.