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Enquiry of International Shipping Fees
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(If the total price of an order is less than CN ¥80, the order will be charged for extra CN ¥4.)
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BuckyDrop Plus+

Customized solutions for large businesses and high volume merchants.
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Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services
Plan Fee
Order return/exchange service(Stock-in to our warehouse within 5 days)

Handling fee is CN¥5 per order plus domestic shipping fee.

OEM Packaging Material Sourcing Service

Starting from 10% of the order total.

Customized Quality Inspection Service

CN¥ 3.00/Unit(MOQ<500pcs/month); CN¥ 2.50/Unit(MOQ≥500 pcs/month)

Customized Product and Parcel Processing Service

CN¥ 5.00/Unit(MOQ<1000pcs/month); CN¥ 3.50/Unit(MOQ≥1000 pcs/month)

Customized Packaging Service

EPE Loose Filling: CN¥3/kg;

Edge Board: CN¥5/kg;

Carton Strapping/Stretch Film: CN¥4/kg;

Wooden Case: CN¥250/piece;

Moister-Barrier Bag: CN¥6/piece;

Customized Packaging: CN¥5/piece;

Parcel Photo Takers: CN¥5/piece;

Basic Repair Service for Defective Products

Contact us via mail

Third-party Quality Inspection Service

Contact us via mail

Parcel Delay Insurance



With Store Operation Service!


Extra charge for Order Management Service Fee (Final Value fee*10%)

We will take care of everything between the parcel submission and the after-sales service with our order management service.

We will help you find the best international logistics line for your parcel.

We will solve the possible refund or product return/exchange problem between you and the suppliers.

We will track the parcels for you.

Free Trial

Back end framework customization is not available for BuckyShop yet.

If you want to make changes, please use our  BuckyShop store customization service.

Free Domain Name

The generic domain name provided by BuckyShop is free and you can also use your own custom domain name.

Free Templates

Find your favorite template from a wide selection of free templates and create your store.

Basic Information Setting

You can set up your store name, contact information, email addresses, and product categories multiple times.

Fast Store Creation

Create your store within minutes and install the BuckyDrop plug-in. Make your e-commerce dream come true by selecting the products and dropshipping them to your customers.

BuckyShop Store Customization Service

Plan Fee
Navigation Bar Editing

CN ¥5/time

Social Media Promotion Set Up

CN ¥5/time

Section Management

CN ¥20/page

Domain Name Set Up

CN ¥10/time

Domain Name Purchase and Set Up

CN ¥50/time

Banner Editing (Main Page)

CN ¥30/piece

Coupon Management

CN ¥20/time

Photo Editing

CN ¥3/piece

Watermark/Logo Removal

CN ¥5/piece

Product Photo Service

CN ¥10/piece


Plan Fee

Logo Design

CN ¥500(bargain money)

Theme Customization

CN ¥200(bargain money)

Photo Design

CN ¥200(bargain money)

Page Creation

CN ¥300(bargain money)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is BuckyDrop free?

BuckyDrop's Starter plan is free.

What is dropshipping?

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method with which the retailer needs not to keep actual goods in stock; instead, retailer delivers his customer orders and their shipment details to his suppliers, who then ship the goods directly to the end-customers.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. If you ever decide that BuckyDrop is not the right solution for you, you can cancel your plan at any time.

How and when do I pay for the products that I sell?

When the order is synchronized to BuckyDrop automatically, you can go to the orders page to click the "Place order" to pay for the products you sell. And when the products are already in our warehouse, you can click the "Place delivery order" to pay for the shipping fee for sending to your customers.

I don't have a shopify store, what should I do?

You can try our BuckyShop. You will be able to create your own store within minutes with our store creation tool. Learn More

More Questions?

Our Help Center is always here for you. If you still have questions, click here to email us.

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