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Already has your own e-commerce business but want to expand your supplier channel and sell your products to more countries?
Do you want to launch your own eCommerce business with your talent and resources instead of joining a marketplace?

Do you want to become a business owner?

Do you want to start a part-time job that won't affect your full-time job?

Are you confident in your marketing abilities? Do you want to build your own e-commerce brand but having problems with language, funds, and professional skills?
To help you live your start-up dream, BuckyDrop, a one-stop business ready solution established in 2018, is here to solve all your e-commerce problems. BuckyDrop is based on Superbuy, who has over 7 years of service experience in e-commerce business and logistics worldwide. Our one-click fulfillment Drop shipping service will help you purchase and ship Chinese products directly to your global client. With store operation service, you may easily build up your own e-commerce business at a low cost.
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1Want to start your own e-commerce business through BuckyDrop.
2Tell the account manager your needs and choose a suitable business model.
3It only takes 5 minutes to connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store with BuckyDrop.
4A client visits your store and places an order.
5Your store receives the order and you can process the order by yourself.
6Our service team will process the order for you if you select the store operation service.
7Our service team will order the product for you.
8We offer customized services like processing, design, production, and packaging based on your needs.
9Ship your products to the warehouse of BuckyDrop. We will inspect your products, take photos of your products, and store them in our warehouse.
10We will ship the parcel to your client using the logistics line you selected.
11The parcel will be delivered to your client's doorstep safely and your business will grow quickly.
E-commerce Business Solution
& Account Manager Service
Order Processing
& Expert Sourcing Service
Customized Processing Service
Professional Warehousing
& Inventory Management
Shipping & International Logistics
Parcel Delivery
About Chinese Products and Services

A wide selection of Chinese products, customized designs, processing and production services.

Low cost, variety, quality, and featured.
Customizable processing service.

The perfect model to create value with Chinese products and services

Create your own brand and sell the product that made by Chinese suppliers on your own online store through BuckyDrop.
Q: What if I can't handle operations like sourcing,quality inspection, international logistics,e-commerce business system, website operation,after-sales services all by myself?
A: BuckyDrop's one-stop e-commerce business solution will solve all your problems.
About Drop shipping

How does Drop shipping work?

Drop shipping service provider allows you to skip complex processes like warehousing and shipping without keeping an inventory, and they will pack and ship products to your customers according to the order and logistics information.

Benefits of using Drop shipping:

Low cost, high profit, easy to understand and to operate.

Limitations of Current Drop shipping Models:

1.Partner with the sellers from major marketplaces and they will ship the products directly.

Lack of communication.
Weak after-sales services and no reliable sellers.
No protected transactions.

2.Product suppliers with shipping services:

Limited product selections and logistics lines.
No customized value-added services and quality services.
Lack the experience of providing quality services to global services.
They cannot provide one-stop e-commerce business solution

Major E-commerce Marketplace

eBay, Amazon, etc. Your clients and your brand value belong to the platform. You will not be able to personalize your online store and increase the value of your brand.

Your Own E-commerce Website 

Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. You own your brand, website domain, and clients. 
About your own e-commerce business website

1.Benefits of building your own e-commerce business:

No policy restrictions.
Unique website domain, your own clients and brand.
Personalized website that attracts more clients.

2.Problems with the available e-commerce website providers:

1. High cost to learn and create your own online store.
2. Operation only by yourself (sourcing, logistics, warehousing).
3. Time-consuming website operation and maintenance.
4. High cost of building a professional team.
The above problems cannot be solved by creating the store with Shopify or WooCommerce. They do not offer one-stop e-commerce business solutions.

Our Timeline

  • 2012
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
Superbuy was founded by Mr. Gong Haixing, one of the co-founders of Tencent Holdings (0700.HK), which caters to overseas consumers who wish to purchase products from major Chinese marketplaces.

7 Years of Quality Service

8,000,000+ Chinese Products Handled

1,200,000+ Parcels Shipped

150+ Countries / Regions Delivered

1,000,000+ Users Served

With 7 years of comprehensive service support provided by, BuckyDrop aims to build the one-stop e-commerce business ready solution for global business owners.