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BuckyShop - BuckyDrop's in-house website builder to help newbies jump-start their ecommerce business. With its fast site-building features, BuckyShop will provide an independent online store embedded with products, pricing/logistics strategy, and payment methods in just 4 steps. Plus, you can personalize the store and expand categories with more Chinese products. When an order comes in, it'll be auto-fulfilled from procurement and quality check to warehousing and packaging to global delivery and after-sales. Without manual operation, you only focus on product selection and marketing to bring in revenue and profits and further upgrade your store and business with BuckyDrop's powerful service system. Check out the detailed steps below:

BuckyShop Store Setup

Step 01

Select Store Type & Plan

Select Store Type & Plan 0
Step 02

Select Popular Products & Select Store Template

Select Popular Products & Select Store Template 0
Step 03

Input Store Info & Complete Verification

Input Store Info & Complete Verification 0
Step 04

Click Create & Pay for Store Plan

Click Create & Pay for Store Plan 0

Store Design

BuckyShop supports custom store design in the Admin. If unsatisfied with the current store template, you can customize your store with the visual editor and preview the effect.

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Listing Products

After setup, you’ll get store with built-in selected products for sale. If needing to list products or add new ones to the store, you can list them via BuckyDrop's product pool, or add custom products. Listing products mainly includes 3 steps: Add Products (product selection) > Push Products > Display Products.

Step 01

Add Products

Add Products 0
Step 02

Push Products

Push Products 0
Step 03

Display Products

Display Products 0

Go to the store to see how the products are displayed. Note: They are displayed in the existing product categories. If you want to add a new product category, please see the the Tutorial "How to add collection and display it in the store?" via the Help Center.

Order Fulfillment

When your store generates an order after listing products, BuckyDrop will auto-handle all processes from procurement and quality checks to packaging and delivery, with logistics tracking data also auto-synced to your store for hassle-free parcel tracking.

Step 01

Check Store Orders

Check Store Orders 0
Step 02

Check Order Status

Check Order Status 0
Step 03

Parcel Tracking

Parcel Tracking 0
Step 04


After-sales 0
Step 05

Order Auto-Fulfillment Settings

Order Auto-Fulfillment Settings 0